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In today's world, disputes are a fact of life for most businesses.  They can run the gamut from breach of contract to employment problems to claims under the tax laws.  At Kelley & Kelley, we aim to help our business clients avoid legal problems in the first place, and where they do arise, prevent them from becoming full-blown, time-consuming and expensive lawsuits.  We can assess your normal business practices for potential legal pitfalls and provide advice on making your business less litigation-prone.  Where potential problems are suspected, we can investigate the matter, evaluate the legal consequences and help implement specific recommendations.

Whether your firm is a potential plaintiff or defendant, our goal is to resolve disputes in a way that is not only most advantageous to your firm, but is always mindful of the economic costs and benefits.  We will work with your business to develop dispute-resolution strategies that you are comfortable with and that address your individual needs and concerns.  And if a dispute does end up in court, our attorneys are tenacious and experienced advocates, fully capable of handling your matter from initial summons through final appeal.

For more information about how we can help your business, contact William Kelley or Pamela Kelley.

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